Habitat for Humanity Murals

It was a long and tiring last day but they are done. Well they are done except for the signage as there was a error in printing. The full signage will be up soon. Thank you to all the students that worked very hard to have the mural come to life.

Here again is the W5 of the mural.

Reaching Out to Transform the World with a Mural

Who - Grade 6/7 and the two grade 7/8 classrooms at Georges Vanier under the direction of Monique Martin, designed by special needs autistic student Jude Farthing, grade 3.  In partnership with SUNTEP students from the Gabriel Dumont Institute, University of Saskatchewan, Education Students.

Jude being involved in the creation of the mural allowed him to find a niche where his special skills can be celebrated. As his mom said “It is permanent fridge art”. As an art educator, this project gives all students involved, including Jude, a sense of pride. Jude is a child with exceptional skills that are recognized by all those who see his work.

Summer of 2011 Jude and Monique Martin worked on plans for the murals.
September 30, October 14 and 28  students from Georges Vanier work on murals

Where – Habitat for Humanity Restore, administration offices

What – A mural will be created in a 60ft corridor (2 sides) at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The mural will be images of homes that have been built by Habitat for Humanity in the past. The mural and the houses within the mural were designed and sketched by Jude Farthing (age 8) from photos of the homes.

Sponsors Include:
Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools Foundation
Colours Art and Framing
Habitat for Humanity
Tipping Point Graphics

Building Homes, Building Hope

Second Day of Painting

We had our first day of painting. It was exciting to see the walls evolve in a short period of time. My camera did not work so thank goodness and two other people took photos. Here they are.....

Here is a link to the CBC coverage of the mural planning. Link
 At the 20:15 mark is where it begins.